Panorama was founded by a group of students at Penn State University Park in July 2015. Our staff consists of Penn State students from all over the world with various backgrounds, majors and interests. Together we have created a site to showcase the many passions of the students at Penn State and to share our own personal stories and journeys.


Panorama is an official student-run Penn State online publication dedicated to providing insightful coverage of world news and global perspectives. We aim to do this in effort to increase social and political awareness among students and faculty at Penn State University Park. In order to accomplish this goal, our writers are encouraged to think critically and to include a variety of perspectives to show all sides of a story. As a part of the Penn State community, we also see the importance of relating global topics and events to students and highlighting the impact that events from around the world can have on our own community. We strive to not only report on world news, but also to give our writers the freedom to discover their passions and enable them to encounter eye-opening experiences through their work.

The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of our writers and contributors. They do not represent Panorama’s views at large as an organization.