2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

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The 2016 primary election for the Republican party is just around the corner and sometimes it can be a difficult task to figure out which candidate best aligns with your own political views. The purpose of this article is to try to make it a little easier for students to make an educated decision about who to vote for in the upcoming election and it should be used as a tool for those that are eligible to vote in the 2016 Republican presidential primary elections this upcoming spring. When making your decision, make sure to consider what qualities you would like to see in the next United States President.


The Top 2016 Republican Candidates

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore


http://allisonwestfahl.com/33572-misoprostol-cost.html ginseng price Donald Trump (#1)

-Born: June 14th, 1946 (69 years old)

-Occupation: Businessman, Television personality

-Campaign Site: https://www.donaldjtrump.com

  • Wants tax relief for middle class Americans
  • Will simplify the tax code
  • Wants a revenue neutral tax plan
  • Strongly believes in the right to bear arms
  • Wants to make the system serious about prosecuting violent criminals
  • Believes a way to fight crime is to empower law-abiding citizens to defend themselves
  • Says the mental health system needs to be fixed
  • Believes there should be a wall in place on the U.S.- Mexican border
  • Wants to put in place mandatory deportation for all criminal aliens
  • Wants to end birthright citizenship



cialis kaufen paypal award http://www.usmarketing.club/90054-viagra-price-in-dubai.html Ted Cruz (#2)

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

-Born: December 22nd, 1970 (44 years old)

-Occupation: Senator from Texas

-Campaign Site: www.tedcruz.org

  • Against a nuclear deal with Iran
  • Against abortion
  • Against same-sex marriage
  • Believes in a wall on the U.S.- Mexican border
  • Will triple the number of border patrol agents
  • Wants to end Obama’s Amnesty
  • Wants to prevent illegal aliens from receiving financial benefits
  • Wants to abolish the IRS



Marco Rubio (#3)

-Born: May 28th, 1971 (44 years old)

-Occupation: Senator from Florida

Photo by Max Goldberg
Photo by Max Goldberg

-Campaign Site: https://marcorubio.com/constitutional-rights-should-cross-state-lines/

  • Wants to end marriage tax penalty
  • Wants to create a $2,500 per child refundable tax credit
  • Against same sex marriage
  • Against gun control
  • Will fight for a balanced budget in Washington
  • Wants to repeal Obama Care
  • Wants to modernize our military forces
  • Plans to secure the border and update the immigration system
  • Wants to increase airstrikes against ISIS and aid local fighters



Dr. Ben Carson (#4)

-Born: September 18th, 1951 (64 years old)

Photo by Michael Thomas
Photo by Michael Thomas

-Occupation: Physician, Author, and Citizen Politician

-Campaign Site: bencarson.com

  • running on the Republican ballot, but claims not to be affiliated with any political party  
  • Traditional political views
  • Against gay marriage  
  • Against the Affordable Care Act
  • An advocate for government-sponsored health savings
  • Believes in the right for citizens to own guns
  • Wants to reform the federal tax code
  • Believes we should stand by Israel
  • Wants to immediately repeal and replace Obama Care



Jeb Bush (#5)

-Born: February 11th, 1953 (62 years old)

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

-Occupation: Former Governor of Florida

-Campaign site: jeb2016.com

  • A strong conservative
  • Strongly supports the death sentence
  • More liberal when it comes to immigration, but wants to secure the border
  • Believes we should require electronic verification of employment eligibility
  • Wants to crack down on sanctuary cities
  • Believes the U.S. should support Iraqi forces in the fight against ISIS
  • Wants to provide more support to the Kurds



Chris Christie (#6)

-Born: September 6th, 1962 (53 year old)

Photo by John Pemble
Photo by John Pemble

-Occupation: Governor of New Jersey

-Campaign Site: www.chrischristie.com

  • A conscientious conservative with some Christian opinions
  • Opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana, but supports its medical use
  • Against gay marriage, but believes in civil unions
  • Pro-life
  • Wants to strengthen our military
  • Believes we should stand with all of our allies
  • Wants to focus on federal student aid for college students
  • Believes in a wall on the U.S.- Mexican border
  • Wants to block Obama’s Amnesty for illegal aliens



Rand Paul (#7)

-Born: January 7th, 1963 (52 years old)

Photo by John Pemble
Photo by John Pemble

-Occupation: Senator of Kentucky

-Campaign site: https://www.randpaul.com/

  • Wants to work immediately on balancing national budget
  • Plans to end the NSA’s data collection
  • Wants to limit the amount of terms a member of the U.S. House and Senate may serve
  • Says taxes are for everyone, both the rich and poor
  • Says the decision to wage war should not be made quickly
  • Believes in Ronald Reagan’s “Peace through Strength”
  • Wants to immediately secure the border
  • Strongly believes in the right to bear arms



Carly Fiorina (#8)

-Born: September 6th, 1954 (61 years old)

Photo by Marc Nozell
Photo by Marc Nozell

-Occupation: Businesswoman and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard

-Campaign Site: www.carlyforpresident.com

  • Solidly conservative
  • Against abortion
  • Not supportive of limiting greenhouse gas emission and other acts directed towards preventing global warming
  • Against same-sex marriage
  • Would support Arab allies to fight ISIS
  • Would put an effective bombing campaign in place to combat ISIS
  • Wants to secure the border
  • Believes in fining businesses that hire illegal immigrants



John Kasich (#9)

-Born: May 13th, 1952 (63 years old)

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

-Occupation: Governor of Ohio

-Campaign Site: https://johnkasich.com/

  • Against abortion
  • Wants to combat ISIS by placing troops on the ground
  • Wants to rebuild military
  • Believes in a well-balanced budget
  • Wants to cut taxes
  • Wants to reduce the power of the U.S. Department of Education
  • Wants to achieve energy independence
  • Wants to return economic power to states and communities



Mike Huckabee (#10)

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

-Born: August 24th,1955 (60 years old)

-Occupation: Former Governor of Arkansas, TV personality

-Campaign Site: https://mikehuckabee.com/home

  • Runner-up to John McCain for Republican nomination in 2008
  • Served two terms as Governor of Arkansas
  • Fiscally conservative
  • Believes in American-made energy
  • Wants a secure border
  • Wants to rebuild America’s military superiority
  • Against gun control
  • Strongly against abortion



Rick Santorum (#11)

-Born: May 10th, 1958 (57 years old)

Photo by John Pemble
Photo by John Pemble

-Occupation: Senator from Pennsylvania

-Campaign Site: http://www.ricksantorum.com/issues

  • Advocates for Israel
  • Against the Iranian nuclear deal
  • Wants to impose a tracking system for entering immigrants
  • Will end the practice of sanctuary cities
  • Wants to put an end to Amnesty
  • Strongly opposes abortion
  • Against Common Core education
  • Wants to put a well-balanced budget in place in Washington


Feature Image Credit: Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuters

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